• Who are the faces behind Kristen Bjorn, and what job do they perform? 

Kristen says: I am Kristen Bjorn the producer and CEO. On our permanent production staff, we have two directors, Carlos Caballero and Strongboli. Strongboli is also our main editor.

On our IT/I+D+I staff, we have the owner of the Spanish branch delegation Sandro Masso, program manager and also IT developer. In the same department is our Webmaster, content manager and design director, Jose Acuña.

We are all based in Spain. We also have an office in Miami where our American branch delegate Calvin Mullins is located and working as community manager, public relations and customer support.


  • What connection is there between Kristen Bjorn and the Grabbys?

Kristen says: We have been nominated many times and have won a number of Grabby Awards in the USA over the years. The Grabbys Europe is fairly new, and we will send some of our models to Torremolinos for the show.

Strongboli says: For me, the Grabbys is a great porn festival and it is always an HONOUR to be nominated, throughout my career as a director I have been nominated on more than twenty occasions with seven of my films. I think that any prize and even more the Grabbys are important. To exalt an industry that fulfils a great purpose, but that is rarely valued. Between 50 and 99 percent of men regularly consume porn in the world. Such a ceremony is showing RESPECT for a job well done and deserves all of my praise.


  • What is the history of Kristen Bjorn? How did he start?

Kristen says: I started in the industry as a Falcon model. My career as a porn actor was very brief. I only performed in two videos, and that only took three days. What did have an impact on me was my friendship with Falcon’s photographer, Fred Bissones. I had studied photography since the age of 15, and my dream was to become a travel photographer. As my mentor, Fred taught me about the gay magazine business. While I worked as his assistant, he introduced me to the editors of a group of magazines in New York called Mavety Media Group. At the time, it consisted of MANDATE, PLAYGUY, HONCHO and TORSO magazines. The following year, in 1982, I moved to Rio de Janeiro where I remained for 8 years working as a photographer for those magazines. I decided to do my own solo videos called TROPICAL HEATWAVE and CHAMPS. They were well accepted, and they were the precursors to my first hard-core films CARNAVAL IN RIO and ISLAND FEVER, both filmed in 1988. My intention was to create an aesthetic very different from that of the gay porn videos being made in California at the time and I think I achieved that goal. Obviously, I was working with Brazilian actors who had a different look from the typical American. But I also wanted to portray a sensuality that I felt lacked in American films of that period.


  • What production style and locations does Kristen Bjorn use?

Kristen says: The production style is high quality, and for many years I shot in mainly exotic locations in many different countries like Brazil, The Caribbean, French Canada, Australia, Hungary, Russia, and Spain amongst others. After the worldwide economic crisis in 2008, we had to scale things down. Huge productions were no longer feasible, and we had to settle for more modest locations, mainly in Spain.


  • What curious experiences did you have working in the adult industry?

Kristen says: There have been many! The most surrealistic one was perhaps in Guatemala. There’s a town in Guatemala called Antigua, which was an important Spanish colonial city between the 16th and 18th centuries when it was devastated by an earthquake and volcanic eruption. The Spaniards abandoned the ruined city and founded a new capital 40 kilometres away, which is now Guatemala City. Antigua was excavated centuries later, sort of like a latter-day Pompeii. It’s a beautifully restored Spanish colonial town with the remains of cathedrals, convents, monasteries, and other grand buildings all in ruins since the 18th century. I shot several films in Antigua in 2002 and 2003 (Dreamers, Crossroads of Desire and Men Amongst the Ruins) inside of private houses, using the town as a backdrop. In Men Amongst the Ruins, we shot the non-sexual scenes in the ruins of a convent and in the ruins of a couple of different churches, as well as in a present-day marketplace as the plot of the film. Several years later, in 2006, a news channel called Guatevision decided to launch a sensational story claiming that a “homosexual pornographic film” had been filmed inside of “sacred catholic ruins”, and that Guatemala was on the verge of turning into a “gay Mecca”. They also claimed that the mayor of the city was obviously involved in the defilement of the sacred city of Antigua, the “holiest city in all of Guatemala”, and should be immediately impeached. The sensationalistic story was televised daily in Guatemala for weeks and caused great dismay amongst the locals who apparently were expecting a mass invasion of homosexuals parachuting from the sky at any moment. It ultimately culminated when the local bishop, the Guatemalan Congress and the president of the country met for a private viewing of the film and later held a press conference about it. It was then revealed that no obscene acts had actually taken place in any of the “sacred ruins” (Some of which are often used by locals as latrines) and no laws had been broken. Meanwhile, to my amazement, the story was picked up by news agencies all over Latin America, and Southern Europe for weeks. In Spain, newspapers claimed that we had shot the film in “sacred Mayan ruins”. I suppose in Spain that sounded more sensational than “Spanish ruins”.

An experience from Stróngboli: Over the years, bringing together different actors from different cultures and nationalities for a week was like living a BIG BROTHER live with thousands of anecdotes. Kristen Bjorn will explain it better. As for anecdotes in my case, I remember shooting the film WILD ATTRACTION, a multiple line penetration, a kind of sexual conga of four actors at the same time, I was lying on the floor, shooting the close-up shot just below them. When they came I was blessed by Azerbaijani, Venezuelan, Bulgarian and Czech sperm, and I thought, the guys who would pay to receive such a gift, but instead I was underneath in a yellow fisherman’s raincoat, praying that I didn’t get semen in one eye or stain the camera lens, haha haha. Still, it was super exciting…


  • What is the challenge of this industry, and also finding new talent within it?

Kristen says: Piracy is the greatest challenge to this industry. When everything you released is immediately stolen and posted on hundreds of pirate tube sites for free, it’s hard to stay in business. As for finding new talent, it’s easier now than it has ever been before as porn has become practically mainstream. However, there isn’t much money to be made in porn anymore because of piracy. We are in a time of many changes and everything is going very fast. 

They say that it is not the strongest who survive but those with the greatest capacity to adapt. The producer Kristen Bjorn is truly a porn classic, a history of gay culture, and has gone from a world where porn was practically consumed in sex shops or by buying exclusive VHS video copies, to the digital DVD format, then the internet arrived, a great expansion platform, but also the easiest way to pirate our content and we’ve survived and adapted. Now we are in the stage of the democratization of porn and this has added to the need that almost every gay has to feel desired and attractive, and there is OnlyFans etc. This creates new challenges for us since they saturate the market with videos and there is one about the exposure of porn actors due to the constant creation of content for their members and then where are we? Are we witnessing the end of classic porn? I don’t think so, I think there’s room for everything, and it’s great that if you consider yourself an exhibitionist and attractive, take your mobile and record yourself fucking with your boyfriend. But authentic porn is something else, there is a director who takes control, a careful light, a small plot that extols the action and creates atmosphere. There will always be room for us because we are for people who are looking for quality and the quality of a good product. I firmly believe in our production company and in what we do, we were, we are and we will be. I am completely sure. As for finding talent, the most interesting thing I’ve discovered as a director is to see that the best porn actors I’ve worked with normally don’t come from the world of advertising, or go-go dancers or underpants models, the best actors are vocational ones, we’ve had fire extinguisher salesmen, doctors, lawyers, teachers, military and they don’t do it because they are handsome, but because they are very sexual and have the need to show it to the world. In fact, I always make it very clear that you can be an impressive guy with a statuesque body and transmit absolutely nothing by fucking, in fact, I have met some who are almost asexual or do not even know how to fuck, they are in this world simply to receive likes, followers and attention, those burn fast because they are not good. The magic arises when an actor who gets into porn by vocation, is also very hot and is tremendously exhibitionist and sexual, sparks fly there.


  • Any message for the readers of Boner Magazine?

Kristen & Strongboli say: Just as they are very demanding when they consume any product, do the same when they consume porn, that every time they watch our films they know that behind them there is a producer who has put in a lot of money, a director who has imagined and created the scene and a team with which it would be impossible to do it and that the only thing that piracy achieves is that those who have not risked anything or created anything earn money, and with that gesture, they make the porn industry smaller and more difficult to maintain. Continue having a great time with us and our videos, be participatory and tell us your points of view, we want to continue making your enjoyment for a long time.


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