This year we have arranged something unique and exciting and commissioned a young, handsome, aspiring artist to paint a portrait of one of the guests and we need your help to decide who should pose for Jamie Baker’s 8-hour challenge.

If you would like to suggest a Pornstar for Jamie to paint, please make your suggestion in the box below. If Jamie chooses the Pornstar you suggest, you and the chosen Pornstar will be given 1 of 10 limited edition prints. Now, that is a fantastic and valuable memory to have.

We have challenged Jamie to complete the painting in 8-hours, 4-hours on Friday afternoon & 4-hours Saturday. You will find Jamie in the Ritual Hotel entrance, and please, stop a while to watch Jamie at work – he loves the attention! ๐Ÿ˜‰



I am a London-based artist using drawing and painting to describe my world. Since graduating in 2020 from the Wimbledon College of Art, I have continued to consolidate the meaning behind my artworks, understanding more about the ever-changing processes and themes which run through my work.

I am deeply interested in the natural world and our connection to it. The paintings or drawings I create speak of some internal monologue revealing a relationship to emotion or subject. I notice many parallels between drawing and painting in my everyday life. Overworking and over-thinking usually prove detrimental, so I endeavour to communicate in the most economical way possible when I work.

My subjects contain contradicting truths that coincide simultaneously. My artwork is a place where they can coexist. I recall the romantic, sexual and debauched experiences that I have witnessed being a gay man in London, facing heartbreaks and betrayal. Contrasted with an idolised, nostalgic innocence of growing up in the leafy outskirts of Bristol. From the safety of these confines, I can confront the devil at the door, seducing and teasing me to come to play. My inspiration then focuses on desire, eroticism and pornography, with subtle innuendos that infiltrate each other’s camp. Working with adult models helps me understand my own thoughts and emotions surrounding the subject.

See more about Jamie, here:

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