IT IS TIME TO VOTE FOR THE GAY FETISH STAR OF 2021; and the Top 24 hottest men in gay fetish are……….

As we previously reported last month the GRABBY gay porn awards commonly called the ‘American Porn Awards’ now in their 30th year being the longest standing event of its kind have joined forces with the biggest European gay porn event to give what we always needed a true ‘World Gay Porn Awards’….effectively the Oscars of the Queer World with a 9-inch minimum cock or double penetrated ass in 8 seconds entry-level requirement. For the last month, well over 100,000 suggestions have been made by both the public and industry across 37 categories. Now the most suggested are awaiting your vote online at  which you can do anytime up until May 1st. You have up to 3 votes per category and you can nominate for the events on both Continents. At the end, you get a printout of your nominations which you can post on your social media and if you tag your favorite stars there is a good chance they will thank you personally with some merchandise, a message, a blow job, or possibly even better. 

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