MANCHESTER, ENGLAND – 3 is a really cool number, and this year, the GRABBY HOSTS come as a 3way; Crystal Lubrikunt, LoUis CYfer and our very own industry ambassador Rob Wilde – these 3 make such a handsome throuple that we can all expect lots of laughs and endless fun at this year’s GRABBY AWARDS Europe! 


First up in our stunning 3way is an international sickening songstress, storyteller, feel-good advocate for self-love & self-proclaimed ‘talentless man in a wig’. CRYSTAL LUBRIKUNT lights up every stage she hits. With years of experience worldwide, Crystal has shared her stage with queer legends, RuPaul’s Drag Race stars, and she’s even worked with bloody Madonna!

Number 2 in our 3way comes LoUis CYfer, whose high-energy performances have put the spotlight on kings in the UK. LoUis has starred in the award-winning one-person show JOAN and BULLISH with Milk Presents, has worked with the Young Vic, and the BBC. He is currently starring on the West End alongside DRAG RACE stars Courtney Act and Monet Xchange in DEATH DROP.

Our third person is Rob Wilde, who has been host to almost every fetish event on the planet. Rob brings his own style to every event that he hosts, and together with an endless passion and broad knowledge for the gay adult industry, we can expect Rob to have all the gossip on our guests, nominees, and winners. 

Nominations close on Saturday 27th March, ahead of voting which opens on Saturday 10th April through to Saturday 1st May 2021. This year’s winners will come from the 2019/2020 nominations and the 2020/2021 nominations, which are now underway. 

 “In April, the public will decide who wins; the top nominations in 2019/2020 will go through alongside the top choices in 2020/2021 and provide the voting options. We will ensure that those nominated last year, in the cancelled event, will be represented this year, and it will be the public that decides who wins”, said Benjamin Willis, Co-founder. “COVID-19, the cancellation of the 2020 event, and going online this year have together created many challenges and necessitated changes, but together with my team, there is an absolute determination to ensure that voting is fair and inclusive”. 

Over the last 7 years, the event has been known as the Prowler Awards or Prowler European Awards, or more intimately by our fans and the industry as “The Prowlers”, and the time has come to change to another.

We formally announce our new name as Grabby Awards Europe or Grabbys Europe! 

Retiring the Prowler name to partner with America’s most senior and best gay industry show makes the GRABBYS an international event that now reaches across the Atlantic Ocean bringing our industry closer. 

This year we face all of the exciting challenges and changes that come along with streaming our 2021 ceremony online. People worldwide are invited to join us as we watch the night unfold live in the loving hands of our 3way, Crystal Lubrikunt, LoUis CYfer, and Rob Wilde.

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