Each year the Prowler European Porn Awards (PEPA) collates tens of thousands of public nominations and votes to find out who your favourite Pornstars, DVDs and Websites are in the year gone by. We are always looking for ways to make each year bigger and better than the one before. In 2019 we were pleased to launch our brand new voting system to make voting fairer and easier to use. After 2018’s inclusion of Europe into the awards, we received record numbers of votes and nominations highlighting the need to focus on how to improve this system. We teamed up with developer Ollie Cook, who has designed and built a new system specifically for the Prowler European Porn Awards’ unique requirements. One of our main aims in doing this was to tighten the security around voting to ensure the awards remain fair and the rightful recipients get the accolades they deserve on the night. We have added a social media login option to ensure our system is easy to use by each and every one of the people voting.

Ollie, who has eighteen years’ experience with tech start-ups and large online businesses, came to us to offer his services after seeing where our systems could improve. Ollie says: “I have been coming to the awards for the last 4 years and really enjoy the night however I found the voting system to be a little outdated. I really enjoy observing how a system is used, making suggestions for improvements and finally implementing them. It’s really important for the awards that the system balances security with ease-of-use, with as few barriers to voting as possible. With the new system, you can vote securely with only a few clicks thanks to the social media login integration. I am thrilled to have been able to team up with PEPA to deliver these improvements for both the site managers and the end users like me”. Thanks to Ollie we were able to launch our new system when nominations began on the 14th February 2019.

Some of the key features of the new system include dynamic auto-suggestion to ensure names are spelled correctly and your nomination gets to where you want it to go. PEPA staff member Ryan James says “It was great to work with Ollie to develop this new system. It has been so much fun designing something that meets our needs and is not only intuitive but is easy for everyone to use”.

You can still submit your votes for your favourite Pornstars, studios and performers HERE

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