The closer the Prowler European Porn Awards (PEPA) get, the harder it is to ignore them. The cream of European gay porn will be coming and not only at the after-party this year. Forget Brexit: you don’t want to be pulling out of this one; anyone coming to this year’s awards is guaranteed to be right in the centre of the action… so, make sure those clothes are dry-cleanable.

Last year’s Prowler Porn Awards consisted of a serious appreciation and recognition of those who spend much of their working lives NOT worrying about what sort of hole they’re getting into. The cream of the UK’s top gay performers was coming and going and then when we all thought it couldn’t get any harder, out came the music and the after-party kicked off. By the way – anyone who can seriously tell you what time that party ended last year, wasn’t there! So, who is coming this year and more to the point, why are they coming back?

Sean Taylor of Apply To Model has his finger on the gay pulse, as well as other things, and he sees the Prowler Porn Awards as proof the gay porn industry is alive and well. “Last year’s event was the fourth and a real British affair with so many well-known faces showing us a bit more than we expected! Well this year with so many European studios and performers joining in, it means that if you’re not at the after-party then you won’t be coming!”

Topher Taylor from Clonezone thought it was worth sponsoring the Prowler European Porn Awards, especially as so many involved in the industry can be seen in their shops. “I have a lot of respect for the studios and models that work tirelessly to entertain people. These hard-working teams have adorned shelves in Clonezone stores for years, and I’ve got to know many of the guys personally. It’s vitally important that we support each other as an industry. I also respect the legacy of Prowler and all of those that were involved with the inception of the Prowler Porn Awards. After all, there’s enough room for all of us. Long live porn!”

It’s not just the regulars or established studios and performers that plan to showcase their work this year, one of the new sponsors, George Mason of Hung Young Brit is more than determined to make full use of his “expertise” at the after-party. “Hung Young Brit is raw and hard and we will be coming to the Prowler European Porn Awards to show what we stand for and what being a hung young Brit really means. It is good news there are more European guys coming at this year’s awards and we will do our best to make them welcome.

The after-party at last year’s Prowler Porn Awards seems to have drifted into some sort of legend: it started out as a normal congratulatory end of awards meet and greet. It ended up as was an all-in celebration of what makes the gay porn industry such a hard to beat spectacle. Okay, so ChiChi LaRue will be music-meister for this part of the evening but our guess is the music will be just background sounds. Not that it will worry Jeff from Spunk Lube, another returning sponsor. “Judging by last year’s amazing atmosphere our lube might be in great demand. Here’s to another year of cumming with the best, awarding greatness and playing with each other in and out of the bedroom!”

Yes, the awards are exactly as described, and Vauxhall is likely to see the same long queues to get in, especially after so many people told the organizers they wanted to come again. Well, there is no substitute for the real thing unless you mean a FleshJack and CEO Daniel Hovell and his products return as a sponsor once again. “It’s getting bigger! This year we have European performers and studios joining the best of British and we want to be there to see them stand together. As far as we’re concerned, the more people that come the better!”

CAM4 and ManyVids are two of the world’s leading porn live-streaming companies and both sponsoring this year’s action. With so many people concerned about the state of the industry and believing the internet has changed the scene, it is encouraging to see that porn entrepreneurs can thrive and offer us a new way of enjoying hand-to-hand sexual combat. There are so many other sponsors this year: the sexy and very desirable Debriefed underwear range will be on hand to ensure what is precious remains neatly contained and they will be well supported by DRK Social – an app that will offer you the chance to show off those new white, blue, red, yellow or rainbow-colored pants. As the app promises to help gets guys “into their kink together,” perhaps wearing a decent pair of Debriefed Underwear will be like a hole in one.

But what about those who have actually won Prowler Porn Awards and those who are looking forward to this year’s results? After the excitement of the nominees and the cabaret onstage, the flash photography and drooling backstage, what does it really mean to walk away with a Prowler European Porn award?

Nick North was last year’s Best British Daddy – Sponsored by UK Naked Men – and was still basking in the afterglow weeks after the event. “What a night it must have been. My only regret was that I could not be there to accept the award in person, my holiday to Gran Canaria made it impossible to collect the award on the night. Hearing about so many other performers and people involved in the gay porn world applauding and congratulating me, now that was something memorable. Winning not only raised my profile in the business but it also introduced me to more people and opportunities in a short space of time. There are lots of award nights, but I really feel the Prowler European Porn Awards is the event that shows real appreciation for those of us in front of the camera and those working hard behind it.”

The voting closes on May 10th for the 2018 awards and the long wait before the winners are announced was something Paddy Pass, who won Best British Webcam Performer in 2017 remembers well. “That was the hard part, waiting to see if your efforts had been appreciated by the voters. I was determined to enjoy the whole evening no matter what happened and when I won I was bouncing off the walls. Luckily there were enough friends and supporters to make sure I made the most of the celebrations later on.” Similar views came from Kamyk Walker who was one of those desirable twinks who walked off with the award for Best British Twink. “The whole thing was just like some party with mates and supporters and I loved the atmosphere. You go to some places and it feels staged and cold, but the Prowler Porn Awards are something very special. People remember the awards and so do the people who offer me work now!”

So, who is coming this year? Just about everyone we’re told and with the addition of mainland European studios and performers, it’s not hard to imagine what the scheduled four-hour extravaganza will turn out to be like. Four hours? Well, that’s the loose timeline from the doors opening until the supposed end of evening activities. With a highly anticipated after-party, music, dancing, a bar and a whole lot of excited and enthusiastic porn-purists in the house, it promises to be more than a night at the Oscars… in this case there will be a lot more people holding onto to hard and shiny things in celebration of a great night and year. Will you be coming?

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