Young Hung & Raw


Young Hung & Raw
2016. Lucas Entertainment
Directed by: Michael Lucas
Starring: Damon Heart, Jacen Zhu, Bulrog, Dennis Sokolov, Rafael Lords, Dylan James, Devin Franco and Stas Landon

When we first meet Damon Heart and Jacen Zhu, it seems they are being set up on a blind date. Heart likes what he see's
because they start making out and Zhu is in Heart's arms with his shorts off before Heart is sucking dick in record time. With
the looks on Zhu's face, and the noise he is making, Heart must be a real good cock sucker! Once Heart gets the lube out there
is no question who is going to be riding the rail (Zhu is a noisy bottom). We later meet up with Damon Heart and this boy is
horny because he is on Grindr looking for a hook up. Bulrog is first to show up with Dennis Sokolov not far behind. Once
everyone is naked the dick sucking and ass eating starts... all you are going to want to do is munch on Sokolov's ass! Just to let
you know, Bulrog is the first to munch on Sokolov's ass and also the first to fuck it (that is a lucky man). What we now learn is
that Heart is a horny pig and Bulrog is the first to fuck him, but don't worry, Sokolov gets his turn to fuck Heart also. Next we
meet up with Devin Franco who has just landed in Barcelona and is jet-lagged and horny. Getting some sun by the pool he
meets built-like-a-brick shit house Stas Landon who we learn is from the Ukraine. Franco begins sucking on Landon's dick
and after the boys are both naked (and licking on each other) there is no question that Landon is going to fuck the shit out of
Franco... and he does.

 3.8 Stars!