2018. Falcon Studios
Directed by Tony Dimarco
Starring: Alam Wernik, Woody Fox, Roman Todd, Alexander Muller, Adam Gregory, JJ Knight, Steven Lee and Grant Ryan

   Well, it’s January and everyone is heading back to the gym – at least for a week or two. Let’s just start by saying if these
guys were at my gym, I’d be working out seven days a week! Roman Todd is bench-pressing and if you look at his crotch,
you might notice a wet spot. Todd adds some weight and asks Alexander Muller to spot him. Muller has the start of a chubby
and it’s in Todd’s face; Todd takes it out to suck on. (Don’t you just love a gym where you can drop your shorts and get a
blowjob?) The Muller/Todd ass-eating scene is very hot and you will want to watch this movie to see it. When Todd gets down
and just sits on Muller’s dick, I mean just bounces on Muller’s dick, let’s just say you will enjoy the scene. Later that day at the
gym, we find JJ Knight jumping rope when Grant Ryan comes in to work out and after Ryan starts doing some squats Knight
asks to spot him. Really now, we all know where this is going. Ryan loses his sweats and Knight loses his shorts, Knight’s big,
hard dick comes out to play and Ryan sucks on Knight’s big dick. When they move over to the exercise ball for Ryan do get his
ass eaten, you will never look at the ball the same way the next time you’re at the gym.  Near where I live, I often see Crossfit
people flipping that big truck tire; in this movie, we see Roman Todd and Adam Gregory – flipping the tire on a deserted road
[hot]. The guys roll the tire into the gym and flop on in and, in seconds, are hot and sweaty and rubbing on each other. Gregory
has his hand up Todd’s shorts playing with his dick before he takes the shorts off for some dick-sucking. Once Gregory loses his
shorts, it’s Todd’s turn to do some dick-sucking. Back at the gym, Woody Fox is on the rope (that rope you hated in grade school)
when his phone falls out of his pocket. Steven Lee, who is working nearby, returns it to him and Fox thanks him with a kiss (you
must see this kiss). Grant Ryan is nearby and comes over and starts sucking Lee’s dick (where is this gym?) and then Fox joins
him so the guys take turns sucking Lee’s dick (it’s a nice dick). We have sucking and fucking and swirling and twirling with Fox,
Ryan and Lee. All I can say is that it is one hot three-way! Back at the gym, we have Alam Wernik working out with his trainer
Adam Gregory. We all know Wernik has an amazing ass and the way Gregory is munching, it must be just as tasty. No one will
be shocked when Gregory starts fucking Wernik. You will just wish it were you doing the fucking.
  3.95 Stars!