2014 NakedSword

Directed by Mr. Pam
Starring: Dylan Knight, Brandon Moore, Adam Ramzi, Leo Sweetwood, Colt Rivers, Tanner Shields, Alexander Gustavo,
and Jed Athens

    Well if you are reading this review, I think it's a safe bet that you have had a gym fantasy! We start the movie with Adam
Ramzi spotting Brandon Moore who only has his jock strap on at Steamworks (in Berkeley). In no time Moore is playing with
Ramzi's dick and thank goodness Moore is in a jock strap because it makes for easy access for getting his ass eaten and then
fucked. All I can say is I am going to get a chubby the next time I see anyone bench pressing at the gym. Now it's time to go to
the park and Dylan Knight is doing hand stands and Leo Sweetwood wants to learn how to do one also. I never thought I
would say hand stands leads to sex, but it does in this movie! Knight and Sweetwood are back at one of their apartments and
are fast at getting naked and sucking and eating each others asses. I could not tell who was going to be sitting on dick first, but
Sweetwood is the winner (don't worry they flip so we all win)! Back to the gym and while Colt Rivers is doing squats, Tanner
Shields is getting all hot and bothered and is sucking on Rivers' nipple in record time. After Rivers gives Sheilds' a tongue bath,
he starts sucking dick and eating ass (it's Rivers who is the one to get fucked. Now it's time to go running with Alexander Gustavo
and Jed Athens. While on a break, it seems that Gustavo is getting a chubby so they have to run home and get naked! These two
do tricks and Gustavo is Athens' little rag doll (you have to see to believe). The surprise for me was when Gustavo starts fucking
Athens, but all is better when they flip. I really liked this movie and think you will be getting a chubby the next time you go to the gym.
 3.8 Stars!