Work It Up


Work It Up
2018. Falcon Studios
Directed by Tony Dimarco
Starring: Alam Wernik, Pierce Paris, Devin Franco, Woody Fox, Alec Mecum and Mateo Fernandez

   Techies are hot, horny men and, after work, like to get busy, okay, sometimes at the office. When Alam Wernik drops his
pencil in front of Alec Mecum, his pants split (how can you keep that juicy ass controlled?) and Alam doesn’t have any undies
on. Mecum likes what he sees and goes in for a taste test and starts ass-munching on Wernik’s ass. Watching Alam having his
ass eaten, I think of two things: Do you think Alam’s hair color is natural and when did Mecum become a daddy? There is no
question that Wernik is the bottom but it is  amazing watching Wernick get fucked because it’s like he was born to be a greedy
bottom who just wants more. When Devin Franco walks in on Pierce Paris taking a pee, he seems to like what he sees because
once they are done, Franco wants to play with Pierce’s big fat dick. Once the guys are naked Paris wants a taste test on
Franco’s fuzzy ass and starts munching. Franco is a needy bottom and Paris is just the man to pump on that ass! Back at
Wernik’s desk, we find he is working with new co-worker Mateo Fernandez; Mateo has found Alem’s sex tape and is watching
it at his desk while giving his dick a pull. When Wernik realizes Mateo has his hard dick out, Alam has to have a taste of it.
We all know that Alam is getting fucked but it’s just hot to watch all the pleasure that Alam gets when someone is munching
and then fucking his ass. Franco is a horny little dog in this movie because he wants to play with Woody Fox next. Once the
guys are naked and in bed, it’s Franco’s legs in the air so Fox can eat some ass before he fucks it. After watching this movie,
all I can think is, who knew that techies were so horny?

  3.9 Stars!