Wilde Road


Wilde Road
2012 Nakedsword

Directed by Mr.Pam
Starring:  Christen Wilde, Dylan Roberts, Jessie Colter, Phillip Aubrey, Jimmy Durano and Troy Daniels
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

I get sent a lot of movies every week and because of space limitations not all can be reviewed. But when a box cover says
"Cash, grass, or ass: no one rides for free" you just know I had to share. So Dylan Roberts is banging on Christen Roberts
front door while Roberts is busy banging a girl (I think it's a girl with very small tits and thank god we did not see pussy).
Roberts is taking Wilde out for a night of fun and as they say: let the games begin! Well the guys go to Roberts' uncle's house
and have an issue (yes, this movie is deep and has a plot). Wilde gets mad and leaves and has to hitch home. First person to
come by and offer a ride is Phillip Aubrey (you know he is acting when he is all dirty and butch). Well Aubrey asks Wilde the
price of gas and decides he is going to need $10 for the ride or Wilde is going to need to do something to earn the ride (LOL).
You know this is when dicks come out and Aubrey needs to taste of the Wilde stick. Wilde is hard, Aubrey puts a condom on
and rides that dick. After the fucking is done, Aubrey throws Wilde's bag on the side of the road and leaves him naked and
alone to get home. Wilde then finds the comfort from strangers when he finds his way to Jimmy Durano and Trey Daniels'
house. Remember to be careful when you eat a stranger's brownies because you never know what's going to happen...you
might want to get naked and fuck Jessie Colter (I have a taste for brownies). Well it might be time for Wilde to make up with
Roberts, and boy do they with nice gay boy sex...HOT. Hump, bump and Roberts rides Wilde's dick for a nice long time.
 3.9 Stars!