Wild Weekend


Wild Weekend Part One
2016. Falcon

Directed by Tony DiMarco
Starring: Ryan Rose, JJ Knight, Dustin Holloway, Jason Madox, Wesley Woods, Josh Conners, Paul Canon, Ken Rodeo
and Brute

   This movie starts with Ryan Rose and Jason Madox finding each other while playing on Grinder. They are so hot for
each other all they want to do is find the nearest restroom to suck each other off. Next is Ken Rodeo who thinks Americans
are sexually repressed, so Wesley Woods is going to fuck Rodeo to prove his point (Rodeo is HOT so not much of a challenge).
Well after some dick sucking and Woods eating some major ass, Rodeo has no problem sitting on some Wood. The next
morning, Rose has just made some coffee and offers some to Brute. Well Brute would like something stronger as he grabs
some Rose cock in his hand. After dick sucking and ass eating on Brute's part, it's Rose doing the bouncing. Outside by the
jacuzzi we find the romantic couple of Paul Canon and Dustin Holloway who for some reason get in the jacuzzi in their
underwear (huh?). But don't worry, they have them off in no time. Now for the fucking... they get out of the jacuzzi and find
a lounge chair for Rodeo to bounce on. Later that night when all the guys are at a local bar, JJ Knight finds out he is the only
one who hasn't gotten laid. Well that changes when Knight comes out of the bathroom and finds Josh Conners and they go to
a back room and get naked. Once JJ starts munching on Conners' ass you know where the Knight stick is going! My question
on this movie... with all these hot guys having sex outside of the bedrooms, why did no one walk in on the action and join?

 3.8 Stars!