Wild Attraction Part 1


Wild Attraction Part 1
2012 Kristen Bjorn

Directed by Strongboli
Starring: Pau Casserras, Tomas Friedel, Rob Nelson. Maikel Cash, Alex Brinsky, Sergio Serrano and Scott Carter
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

      Have you ever watched a Kristen Bjorn movie before? Well they have the most handsome men and you are sure to learn a
new trick or two for the next time you are at Mans Country, Ram or Steamworks. But have you ever been able to recognize any
of the guys? I never have! You have to understand Kristen Bjorn makes some of the hottest movies in gay porn, so please bare
with me when I try and review this movie. So are you ready to loose control? Allow yourself to be carried away by Wild Attraction?
A game of hot horny men, vengeance, passion, surprises and loads of sex! First up "Sweet Revenge" chapter 1 and we have a
smooth man and lightly hairy man (who has a hard dick that just bounces) going at it until the phone rings (yes this movie has a plot)
and it's the lightly hairy guy's boyfriend. Smooth guy says take it and it turns me on and he continues to suck hairy guys dick while
he talks to his boyfriend (that is talent). Now when they start fucking and smooth guy is blowing hairy guy, it is funny hearing sex talk
in a foreign language because you know they are saying 'yeah fuck me fuck me harder,' but that is so not what you are hearing. Next
we have "The Gift" and the gift is Alex Brinsky and Rob Nelson playing basketball getting all sweaty before they get naked! Wait, I
think they have a visitor and he goes by the name of Sergio Serrano. All I can say is this better be a three way! Maybe it's a European
thing but I have never made out with a guy while playing basketball (outside) and gave the come join me look to another guy...and it
works! Well Alex and Rob invite their new friend in and they are naked and hard in know time. The nice guys that Alex and Rob are,
they are butt up waiting for Sergio to loosen up their holes before he fucks them both. The hot part is that he double stacks them and
goes back and forth fucking them (I need to try that out next time at a bathhouse). We are now back to "Sweet Revenge Part 2" and
smooth guy gets a disc and on it (from what I can understand) is someone getting naked with his boyfriend and smooth guy just does
not like it (but you are going to love it). The guys fuck and rim and then fuck each other big time. Now the next part of the movie is all
the plot twists and explanation of the sweet revenge, and I am not going to tell you how it ends. I advise you to go and rent/buy this
movie...you will be glad you did!
 3.95 Stars!