Wesley Woods

TOM OLAH: Where did you grow up?
WESLEY WOODS: I grew up on a horse ranch in Texas, about one hour northeast of Dallas,
with an older and younger brother; we were our parents’ ranch-hands.

TO: Were you a funny kid growing up?
WW: Funny, yes; a performer, even more so. I love being the life of the party and I’ve always
enjoyed making others feel comfortable, loved and included.

TO: How and when did the stand-up comedy start?
WW: It was always a dream. I stopped dreaming, started doing and told fear it didn’t belong
in my life. I’ve performed at many different places around the country, including SLS and Hard
Rock Hotel in Las Vegas and improv theaters. I am so happy. It has been the best years of my
life and I can’t wait to see how far I’m able to take my story.

TO: Logic would tell me stand-up comedy and porn are not an easy mix, so I have to ask, how
and why did you get into porn?
WW: Sex is how life is created. Instead of sex shaming people, I’ve embraced the funny part of
sex, sexuality, fetishes, fears and stories that we can all laugh at and relate to. I reached out to a
few people once I decided it was the route I wanted to take with my story. The rest has been meeting
some people along the way to help me become part of the industry family.
Why: I was always taught to love myself, never be embarrassed and never follow the crowd. I never
looked at porn as, “porn.” Plus, I was getting really tired of asking guys, “into?” and “looking?”

TO: Do you think your friends watch your movies?
WW: I’m not sure. I definitely do not mind if they do. That is why I’m in the business, to be
watched. [Smiles]

TO: What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about those who work in porn?
WW: The biggest misconception I’ve encountered is that people truly believe I want to receive a
picture of their asshole. I don’t. No one does and no one should have to see your balloon knot in
all its unglory.

TO: Who do you still want to work with?
WW: Tegan Zayne.

TO: Have you ever had a chemistry problem on the set?
WW: Yes. Have you ever had a co-worker you weren’t fond of? It happens. That’s why, as performers,
we are paid to perform. When I go to work, I make sure I’m ready to work.

TO: What is the most difficult problem working in gay porn?
WW: Not losing your load before you’re allowed. Listen, I’m no two pump dump. But I have had the
pleasure of working with some of the sexiest guys in the industry.

TO: What movies can we look forward to be seeing you in this year?
WW: There is a major production with Falcon that will be coming out this fall. That is all I can say,
but, you will know it when it’s released.

TO: Since this last Grabby Awards was your first, did you have fun?
WW: Oh, I had fun. And if people missed it, don’t miss next year.

TO: Since you passed all the tests, how does it feel being the first person announced to be a Grabby
co-host for 2017?
WW: I am so incredibly excited to have been announced, officially, as a co-host for the 2017 Grabbys.
Someone signing off on me having a mic in my hand has to be aware of the insanity that will occur.
I cannot wait.

TO: Best way for your fans to keep up with all things Wesley Woods?
WW: Follow my social media accounts: Facebook, Wesley Woods; Instagram and Twitter, _wesleywoods_

This article ran in the June 28, 2016 Issue of GRAB Magazine.