2013 Jet Set Men
Directed by Chris Steele
Starring: Kris Jamieson, Brett Summers, Zachary Perry, Jack King, Jake Genesis, Joey Hard, Johnny Torque,
Landon Conrad, Lucas Knight, Riley Banks and Seth Knight

(Condoms used for all penetration.)

      Well Jake Genesis' auto detailing business is just not making enough money and he needs to find a gimmick (LOL I love
a good plot). First up is the beefy ass of Riley Banks and the man in need of service Landon Conrad. In no time at all, Conrad
has Banks' bare ass up and on the front seat and is eating his ass. After the boys suck on each other's dicks, it's to the back of
Conrad's convertible to fuck Banks. Well boss Genesis finds out about the new service and puts the Help Wanted sign out...they
are saved! Brett Summers is the first new employee and Johnny Torque is the client. Being the good employee he is, Summers
is servicing Torque's dick in no time. Well after Torque spits a time or two, it's time to bend Summers over the hood of the car
and fuck him like a jack rabbit. Next the big dicked Lucas Knight (it's big) has Kris Jamieson going down on his dick. The good
news is that Jamieson is the one doing the fucking because Knight could have done some damage to Jamieson's hot ass. Business
is going so well they are going to have a Waxboy gang-bang to get them trained and working fast. The new hires are Zachary
Perry, Seth Knight, Joey Hard and Jack King who have to be trained, but boss Genesis has to eat everyone's ass first. All I can
say is I would go buy a car if they had a Waxboys in Chicago.
 3.9 Stars!