Water Logged


Water Logged
2013 Channel 1 Releasing

Directed by Chi Chi LaRue
Starring:  Jake Genesis, Tate Ryder, Angelo Marconi, Paulo Thiago, Draven Torres, Sean Duran, Trenton Ducati,
Damian Taylor, Christopher Danials and Angel Rock
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

      You know what is hot? A tanned Tate Ryder naked by the side of a pool jacking off while finger fucking himself! What's
hotter is a naked Jake Genesis floating over to suck his cock. After a finger or two up Genesis ass, it,s time for Ryder to do
some fucking and I have to say I like seeing Ryder's big dick up an ass. It,s also hot when two guys like Ryder and Genesis flip
and take turns fucking each other. Remember this movie is all about the water and we have Christopher Danials and Draven
Torres naked in the shower and after some ass eating and dick sucking it's all about Danials fucking Torres and the large load
shot on Danials' face.  Back outside we have Genesis rubbing one out by the Jacuzzi when he looks over and see's the big dicked
and naked Sean Duran and Damian Taylor who is having a lot of fun playing with Duran's hole. Genesis for some reason doesn't
join Duran and Taylor (did I tell you Talyor is now fucking Duran) and finds Paulo Thiago (HOT) erect and starts sucking on his
dick. Oh and since he is on vacation he let's Thiago fuck him. Later that night we run into two of the juiciest asses in gay porn,
Angelo Marconi and Trenton Ducati, naked and erect by the pool with Ducati having a lot of fun playing with Marconi's hole.
Watching these two tanned and muscular men fuck in the moon light is amazing. Now let's talk about Angel Rock as he has this
very hot solo scene interwoven all through the movie. It's hot, it's sexy, but give this big dicked man someone to fuck!
 3.8 Stars!