2016. Raging Stallion Studios
Directed by Steve Cruz
Starring: Bruno Bernal, Bruce Beckham, Myles Landon, Talon Reed, Rafael Lords, Ryan Cruz, and Sean Duran

   Not too far in the future things take a turn for the worse (with Trump as President this could be next month). The
continent becomes a barren hellscape (think Britney Spears in "When the World Ends") where the only currencies are
food, water, shelter... and fucking. Knowing his only way to survive, Bruno Bernal has to give his holes to Bruce Beckham
to have fun with. After some sucking on Bernal's part, Beckham somehow finds a big black dildo to shove up Bernal's ass.
When Beckham finally replaces the dildo with his own dick, I think we are all ready for the ride. Out in the desert Talon
Reed finds supplies that he brings back to the compound. And what does he get as a reward? Well he gets Myles Landon's
very nice cock for starters. Also wandering the desert is Rafael Lords who's been out there for days and finds the compound
unaware of the danger he just walked into. Luckily Ryan Cruz offers him protection... for a price. After taking Cruz's cock,
Lords attempts to sneak out but gets caught by pigman Sean Duran before getting the fuck of his life, never to be found again.

 3.9 Stars!