Viva Colombia Part 1


Viva Colombia Part 1
Directed by Marty Stevens
Starring: Jason Bacall, Kirk Gaugun, Jerome Exupery, Helmut Huxley, Nils Tatum, Peter Annaud, Mateo Diaz,
Hoyt Kogan and Kieran Benning

The movie starts with the sexy Hoyt Kogan who is upset because he had to fly coach (princess). Once all the guys get on
their shuttle to head to the villa, it’s Jerome Exupery first to take his shirt off; all the guys seem to be in a good mood and
ready to play in Colombia. While the guys are checking out their rooms, my thoughts: Are they sleeping in twin beds and
when did Helmut Huxley get a few chest hairs? I also don’t need to see Jerome sitting on a toilet. After Huxley and Jerome
go out for food, they come back to the villa and the have to be inspected for what kind of shape they are in and skin tone (they
do have amazing skin), which means everyone has to lose their shirts [woof]. Lucky for us, the models pass and just a few
need haircuts. While the guys are eating and getting haircuts back at the villa, we get to watch a photo shoot with 18-year-old
Mateo Diaz and, baby, he really has a nice dick! Hoyt has been instructed to change clothes so he fits in with the locals and I
am thinking yay! Hoyt is naked. Back at the pool, we find Jerome and Helmut naked and having a few beers. They are horny
and Nils Tatum [yum] is the lucky man. While this is happening, Hoyt sneaks out of the villa because he met a local that he
wants to hook up with. Back at the pool, Jerome and Helmut find the very naked and sexy Nils in the outdoor shower [hot]
and the guys like what they see! Nils thought he was going to get fucked by Hoyt, Jerome and Helmut but the guys promise to
make up for Hoyt not being there. Once they turn the shower off, Nils is on his knees sucking on both guys’ dicks. When Nils
is on his back with legs up and Jerome sucking on his dick and Helmut sucking on his balls, I think I came a little. Then Helmut
and Jerome take turns munching on Nils’ ass; all I could think of is, how is Nils not cumming? Jerome is the first to fuck Nils
but don’t worry, they take turns. Back with Hoyt, we find him jumping in a cab to head to the beach to meet his friend Kieran
Benning at the beach and after a beer, they head back to Benning’s place, which is very nice. These guys get naked fast and
Hoyt is first to suck dick. No question that Benning was getting fucked but when his leg goes up, Hoyt is ready to munch and
then ready to fuck! Up until this point, we have only seen Mateo Diaz doing solo scenes but Peter Annaud wants a piece of that
and he wants to be the first guy to tap it. For privacy, they leave the pool and start sucking on each other in a open doorway [laughs].
So what we learn is the guys can suck on each other’s big dicks but Diaz is the one with a big dick up his ass! If you like movies
with beautiful men, uncut cocks and guys with amazing skin, this movie is for you.å After watching this movie, I wondered, is
Helmut Huxley’s dick getting even bigger.

 3.95 Stars!