2018. Raging Stallion Studios
Directed by Steve Cruz
Starring: Daymin Voss, Derek Bolt, Colby Keller, Sean Maygers, Beaux Banks, Damin Taylor, Kurtis Wolfe and
Jack Hunter

   Vegas is flipped on its ass by the latest party drug called Tsunami. The effect of the drug is too powerful for Vice to contain
and the fact that a reality film crew is filming just makes for more trouble. Busts go crazy and the precinct is turning into a
brothel. Officer Daymin Taylor has his perp Colby Keller behind bars and Keller won’t talk unless he gets a taste of Daymin’s
thick cock. Well, it’s a gay porn so shocked face when it’s hard and Keller gets his taste and Officer Taylor sure seems to like
getting his dick sucked. Taylor likes it so much that he joins Keller in the cell so he can suck on Keller’s dick. After Keller
does some major butt munching, Taylor can’t wait to start bouncing on Keller’s dick. Back at the drug cartel headquarters,
Beaux Banks and Jack Hunter are packaging the goods… naked. It seems like the guys have sampled the drugs because they
are starting to play, which means Hunter is getting hard and Beaux is sucking dick. Sean Maygers, the big boss, comes in and
promises to fuck them both if they get back to work. (What a good boss.) Banks and Hunter are two dogs in heat; Maygers is
one lucky man. Banks is the first to get fucked by Maygers while he is sucking Hunter’s cock, then Hunter and Maygers switch
and it’s Hunter’s turn to fuck Banks. Now to complete the hot three-way, we have Banks getting fucked by Hunter, who is
getting fucked by Maygers. All I can think is hot damn! We find Vice cop Derek Bolt undercover in Maygers’ warehouse and
Maygers finds him and makes him sample the Tsunami and soon Bolt is bent over with Maygers’ dick up his ass. Back at the
police station, Bolt puts the Tsunami in the coffee, which means everyone is going to have some. When the drugs kick in, it’s
Taylor and Voss who have their coffee spiked and Taylor tells Voss he wants to do some gay shit and soon Taylor is sucking
Voss’ dick. Voss walks back into the station to find Bolt and Kurtis Wolf making out and since they all have had the drugs,
their inhibitions are lowered and the guys start talking and then humping on each other. Let’s just say Voss and Wolf both
have their way with Bolt’s lucky hole. I never say this about a movie, but this one has a great script and very good acting with
Banks and Keller as standouts and some really hot sex!

  3.95 Stars!