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Tom Olah: Where were you born? Valentin Petrov: I was born in Russia, but I have Eastern Europe roots from the Czech Republic.
T.O: Was the first person you had sex with a boy or a girl? and how old were you? V.P: It was a boy, we were young and he was one of
my classmates.

T.O: You have a nice penis, how did you find out you had a good one?
V.P: Well, I always compare it with ones of my partners and many times hear nice compliments.

T.O: How did you first get into porn?
V.P: I always wanted to be in a porn, it was my dream. Having a big dick like mine and not to use that opportunity is a waste of life, so I
found a guy on Internet who was a porn model and I asked how to get into it. That's it.

T.O: First person you had sex with when a camera was involved?
V.P: I cannot remember him. I had so many shoots. It's like losing the virginity after many years. You remember you lost it, but try to
remember with whom :-)

T.O: Are you a boxer or brief kind of guy?
V.P: I don't use underwear, I get horny when it tights my “equipment” :-)

T.O: Fantasy porn star that you want to have sex with?
V.P: I wish I have a twin brother.

T.O: Does your family know you are doing porn?
V.P: Yes, and they understand and are supportive.

T.O: What did your friends say when you said you were doing porn?
V.P: They were proud to be friends of a porn star!

T.O: You you think your friends have watched you?
V.P: Sure they did, sometimes they even advise me like independent critics.

T.O: I recently watched you in Summer of Fuckin for NakedSword and I have to ask where is that backyard that you are having out door
sex at?
V.P: In California, close to San Francisco. If you would like to visit I can give GPS coordinates.

T.O: How many movies have you made so far?
V.P: About 40 movies and numerous half-an-hour shoots .

T.O: What’s the best way to keep up with all things for Valentin Petrov?
V.P: My twitter account is @ValentinPetro11

This article ran in the October 7, 2014 Issue of GRAB Magazine.