VIP The Hustle


VIP The Hustle
2015. Falcon

Directed by Tony DiMarco
Starring: Alex Mecum, Dorian Ferro, Sebastian Kross, Johnny V, Brian Bonds, Killian James, Jason Maddox,
Armando De Armas, and Scott Riley

    Stripper poles, lap dances and hot assets all directed by Tony DiMarco -- lets go! Club owner Alex Mecum is having the
dirty dream that you wish you had every night... thank goodness the naked Killian James is sleeping next to him when he
wakes up. So after some humping and bumping, we go into some sucking and ass eating before it's time for James to do some
bouncing (you will go shwing)! When it came time for Mecum to cum, it will make you think he has been saving up for days.
Remember that this movie is all about a stripper club, and if you have strippers, you need to first have auditions. Scott Riley
is looking for work and gogo manager Sebastian Kross is looking to hire. Kross is a manager who leads by example and is down
to his underwear quickly, which means it's Riley's turn (and he looks good in his jock strap). Kross then informs Riley if he
wants the job and to make money, he'll have to go for the lap dances. Eventually Riley goes for it and is so good that Kross'
dick is hard and out and Riley is sucking on it (I know shock). After bouncing on it you just know Riley got the job! Next
Armando De Armas has an admirer named Brian Bonds and De Armas is going to take the cash and ride that bubble butt.
Bar manager Johnny V has been warned to not fuck the help, but after watching Scott Riley dance, Johnny V is on a mission
to get naked with him. Well after the guys suck each other's ass and Johnny V does some very hot ass eating, the other dancers
come in. While the door is open, bar owner Mecum see's that Johnny V is messing with the help and... we'll have to wait for
Part 2 to see what happens.
  3.9 Stars!