VIP/After Hours


VIP/After Hours
2015. Falcon

Directed Tony Dimarco
Starring: Johnny V, Kyle Kash, Jacob Peterson, Sebastian Kross, Jimmy Durano, Alex Mecum, Addison Graham

    Jimmy Durano has been put in charge of auditioning new dancers and Jacob Peterson is his first victim. After some humping
and bumping on Jacobson's part, Durano shows him how to earn some real money in the backroom. Well club owner Alex Mecum
goes hands on and wants Kyle Kash to work at his club (then why is Kash doing the sucking?). Just to let you know... if you want
to have Kash dance at your club you better have a big cock and you better want to shove it up his ass! Addison Graham (the tipper)
is interested in Sebastian Kross (the dancer) so he gives Kross a VIP chip which means they are going to the VIP lounge for some
action. Since it's Graham's first time in the backroom, Kross gets to show him how this works. Graham does some major ass eating
on Kross' ass and for a full second I thought that Kross was going to have his cherry popped, but true to form it was Kross doing
the fucking. At the end of the movie, Johnny V (the employee) and Alex Mecum (club owner) are in a fight and find out that Mecum
has always been in love with Johnny V... so they get naked (honesty is good). After the boys take turns sucking each other, it's time
for Mecum to eat and fuck Johnny V's ass.
  3.85 Stars!