Urban Spokes


Urban Spokes
2016. Falcon
Directed by Tony Dimarco
Starring: Ryan Rose, Brent Corrigan, JJ Knight, Trenton Ducati, Griffin Barrows, Rod Peterson, Connor Patricks

   We start with Rod Peterson out riding his bike (wearing some very sexy bike shorts) when his chain breaks. Luckily for
Peterson, Ryan Rose is close behind (wink wink) and says he has a bike shop near by and can help. Rose barely has the
bike up on the rack before the guys are making out and getting naked. After they take turns sucking on each other, Rose
can't wait to get his hands on Peterson's juicy ass. And after some butt munching, Peterson gets one hell of a ride on Rose
dick (all I could think was Peterson's ass is really going to hurt when he gets back on his bike!). After they are done having
sex, Peterson finds out there are a bunch of guys who get together once a month to ride bikes... and each other... FYI
Peterson wants to join. Next we meet bike messenger Griffin Barrows who geeks out when he meets Brent Corrigan who
is famous for developing this new app (must be a San Francisco thing). Well the guys get naked (shock!) and just remember,
if you fan out on someone like Barrows does plan on doing most of the work. Now we meet spokes member JJ Knight who
is out riding and nearly collides with Connor Patricks. Being the good guy Knight is, he invites Patricks to his apartment to
clean up. The guys go old school Falcon and both have on Calvin Klein white undies... that is until they get naked and Knight
fucks the shit out of Patricks. Back at Urban Spokes Rod, Barrows and Patricks are ready for their initiation ritual at the
mercy of Ryan Rose and Trenton Ducati, which means they have to do whatever Rose and Ducati tell them to do. The guys
have one hell of a hot group scene, but to find out who gets into the elite riding club you are going to have to watch the movie!

 3.9 Stars!