Undress For Success


Undress For Success
2013 Lucas Entertainment

Directed by Chris Crisco and Laura Macrow
Starring: Edji Da Silva, Will Helm, Tomas Brand, Donato Reyes, Scott Hunter, Goran, Davidenko Lopez, Damian Crosse,
Logan Rogue and Paul Walker
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

They always tell you if you are going to be successful in business, you have to dress for it. But this is Lucas Entertainment
where you have to undress for it! First we have Donato Reyes who is dressed to impress for a interview, but Tomas Brand
takes over. If Reyes is going to get this job, he is going to have to make Brand happy and take his dick up the ass! Brand can't
wait to get is hands on Reyes' juicy cheeks and just munches on that ass. I was shocked by the flip fucking, but I liked it. Ever
have a crush on a co-worker? Everyone has, but Scott Hunter and Goran do something about it. After some car troubles, Hunter
has to ask Goran if he can take him home. Hunter might be the power player in the boardroom, but in the bedroom he is Goran's
bitch. Next we have the responsible gay couple Edji Da Silva and Will Helm who are both successful but like to go home and fuck
each other silly. Now what is hot about this couple is if you get from one you also receive. It's time for one of my favorites, Damien
Crosse, who we just don't see enough of as well as Davidenko Lopez. Lopez as always had the hots for Crosse, but has never done
anything about it...until now. Damian does a very hot striptease before giving his very hot hole to Lopez's big uncut cock! When
you say the name Paul Walker, I used to think of "The Fast and the Furious." Now I think of the porn star Paul Walker who is
now the big corporate wonder-kid but a bit cocky. Walker, after cheating on his wife (DUH), is looking for more...and more is the
older Logan Rogue. I know this is shocking, but it's Rogue who gets fucked by Walker and I have to say I liked it!
 3.8 Stars!