Under My Skin Part 2


Under My Skin Part 2
2014 Raging Stallion Studios

Directed by Tony Dimarco and Steve Cruz
Starring: Seven Dixon, Boomer Banks, Damien Crosse, F.X. Rijos, Cam Christou, Jake Jammers, Ryan Patrix, Dravon
Torres and Derek Parker.
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

    Out behind the tattoo parlor, F.X. Rijos is getting his dick sucked by Derek Parker when Dravon Torres gets turned on
and joins in. Pretty soon Parker is butt up with Rijos doing the butt munching and Dixon sucking Torres dick. Back in the
tattoo parlor, Jake Jammer is getting Ryan Patrix (they don't make tattoo artists this hot in Chicago) naked while sucking
his dick. The hot part is when they flip fuck (they really don't do this in Chicago). Going back behind the tattoo parlor, Damian
Crosse has his pants down and dick hard (they do not do this behind tattoo parlors in Chicago either!) when Seven Dixon
comes by. Dixon, not one to pass up a hard dick, is down on Crosse in no time. In the tattoo parlor it's Boomer Banks and
Cam Christou (okay no surprise Banks is going to fuck Christou... when is Boomer going to give that ass up?). When Banks
and Christou are fucking on the barber chair it is hot (note: must get barber chair). If you get turned on by tattoos this movie
is for you, but I think we need a little more plot to make a movie sizzle.
 3.7 Stars!