Under My Skin Part 1


Under My Skin Part 1
2014 Raging Stallion Studios

Directed by Tony Dimarco and Steve Cruz
Starring: Boomer Banks, Christian Wild, Damian Crosse, Seven Dixon, Trenton Ducati, James Rider and Nick Cross
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

Does a hot tattoo turn you on? First up we have Damien Crosse (good to see you back at Raging Stallion) and Nick Cross
finding their hard cocks and each other in an alley. Well Cross' hairy ass is getting some Crosse tongue and dick in it. In a
tattoo parlor, Christian Wilde is getting his dick sucked by James Ryder (and I think they both like it). When it's time for the
fucking, it's Ryder sitting and bouncing with Wilde having a very teasing way of playing just the tip. So Nick Cross is this
movie's friendly boy (slut!) because first he gets fucked by Damien Crosse and now he is getting fucked by Boomer Banks
(well he is bouncing on Banks and Banks just sits there and likes it!). Let me just say Seven Dixon in a jock strap is hot, but
Dixon in a jock strap and paying with himself is sizzling hot! Plus Trenton Ducati gets to play along. When Dixon starts playing
with and showing off his naked ass, you just know who is getting fucked (it's really hot when his asshole winks at Ducati). By
the time Ducati finally fucks Dixon, you can almost hear his asshole say 'finally what took you so long...pound me bitch.' The only
thing that could have made this scene better is if they flipped, but I don't think Dixon knows how to top. This is a hot movie with
men who like a little ink.
 3.85 Stars!