2017. NakedSword
Directed by Brent Corrigan
Starring: Brent Corrigan, Jack Hunter, Sean Duran, Calvin Banks, Dominic Pacifico and Dorian Ferro

   Brent Corrigan is only doing CAM shows now (at least until people start paying for porn again) and to get ready he has
his lube, toys (he calls his dildo Boomer) and vodka. By the time his CAM show starts, we learn that his assistant Jack Hunter
(as a sexy nerd) has been kidnapped, and Brent Corrigan is going to be using his new Fleshjack Brent Corrigan ass toy to
basically fuck himself. The CAM show starts but Corrigan gets interrupted by an UltraFan who has some type of power over
him and Corrigan has to do what ever the fan asks during the next two hours. For starters it will be pizza delivery boy Calvin
Banks. With Banks at the door with a pizza (with extra meat) he is invited in by the naked Corrigan. Once Banks is also naked,
it's Corrigan on his knees sucking dick before Banks is bent over the pool table and Corrigan is eating his ass (we all know that
Corrigan is doing the fucking). It's also amazing to see how the CAM camera is always in the correct spot for filming (LOL).
Next up Corrigan has to play a game of Truth or Dare (more like Dare or Dare) with the UltraFan... everything from drinking
5 shots to sitting on a really big dildo. Now Corrigan has to watch what will happen to his friend/assistant when he is gagged and
bound with Sean Duran. With a knife Duran is cutting the clothes off of Hunter, but when he gets to Hunter's ass he takes a
paddle to it (Corrigan gets to watch all of this on camera and is jacking off). We see that Corrigan likes watching his friend/assistant
get fucked silly by Duran because he shoots a major second load for the night. Now UltraFan has one final task... to get Hunter
back and that involves inviting two of his super fans over for a three way! Well super fans Dominic Pacifico and Dorian Ferro are
at the door, and when Corrigan (who is naked) opens the door he realizes that Hunter might be it the truck outside. But first he
has to get Pacifico and Ferro naked and have some sex! Super fans Pacifico and Ferro take turns sucking on Corrigan's dick. It's
Pacifico who goes to do some butt munching of Ferro and he is the first to fuck (don't worry Ferro is still sucking on Corrigan's
dick). Corrigan, being the good host, is second to fuck Ferro . At this point the very versatile Corrigan has not been fucked, but
he does do some major bouncing on Pacifico's dick. Now is when a major plot twist happens, but I don't want to spoil it. What
does come out of the twist is that Hunter and Corrigan like each other so it's time for them to get naked. We know Hunter and
Corrigan both have "options" ...but Corrigan is the director so what's a guy to do? Hunter gets fucked first before Corrigan
finally gets to sit on Hunter's big dick. This is what I learned from watching this movie: Corrigan used to be a cute twink and is
now a very sexy man. Brent Corrigan is a very talented performer, writer and director and this is a very good movie. See you
at the 2018 Grabbys!

 3.95 Stars!