Ultra Sex


Ultra Sex
2016. Falcon

Directed by Nick Foxx
Starring: Jacob Taylor, Sebastian Kross, Ryan Rose, JJ Knight, Skippy Baxter, Jimmy Durano, Derek Bolt and Josh Conners

   Starting with Sebastian Kross and the beefy Derek Bolt in matching camo jockstraps making out, the way Kross is playing
with Bolt's juicy ass you just know what's going to happen. First the guys have to take some time and suck on each other's
dicks, and when Kross starts eating Bolt's ass it's clear Kross has some major pounding to do! Next up is Jacob Taylor who is
just a fucking muscle stud and Josh Conners in the same matching camo jockstraps (I think Falcon got a deal!). When Conners
is sucking on Taylor's thick cock you can almost read his mind... and it's saying 'oh shit I am going to have to sit on that thing.'
I will say that Taylor shot an amazing amount of cum on Conners' face. Now it's time to see JJ Knight's big dick (he has a
Grabby for it!) and Skippy Baxter (how the hell did he pick the name Skippy?). It's almost funny because when Baxter sees
Knight's dick for the first time he just smiles. Knight is kind enough to loosen Baxter's hole before he puts all ten inches up it.
Last but not least we have Jimmy Durano and Ryan Rose. I really enjoy watching Durano pounding Rose's mouth with his
big dick. And it's no surprise when Durano starts munching on some Rose ass because Durano is always the top (on film at
least!) and gives Rose one hell of a pounding. I did not see "Ultra Sex" but I did see good sex.

 3.75 Stars!