Twinky and the Bear Part 2


Twinky and the Bear Part 2
2016. Manville Entertainment
Directed by Austin
Starring: Damon Andros, Ian Lavine, Aarin Asker, Levi Jaxx, Bryce Barrington, Christen Matthews, Josh Stone,
Doug Jeffries and Alex Killborn

Hungry bears devouring sexy young twinks... are you ready to play? Once a upon a time there was a boy and his bear
(ok the movie has humor) and the twink (Levi Jaxx) is sad because the other twinks won't play with him. But Boo the bear
(Bryce Barrington) will. And since they're naked in the woods, Barrington's big dick is a place to start. Well everything is
going as I assumed with Jaxx bent over a fallen tree getting his ass eaten, but the shock comes when Bryce is the one bent
over the tree with Jaxx's dick up his ass. In our next scene we get a PSA because Ian Levine is smoking in the forest and
Pokey the Bear (Damon Andros) is going to have to teach him a lesson... which means for starts sucking the bear's dick.
After Levine is bent over the tree getting his ass eaten, I am happy to say there are no surprises... Pokey the Bear is the only
one doing the poking. Next it's time for Yogay Bear (Christen Matthews) in picnic time where he has been warned by Ranger
Josh Stone to not steal anymore picnic baskets. But when one drops and a dildo falls, Ranger Stone is there to catch Yogay.
Now the ranger is mad, so thank goodness Boo Boo the Bear (Aarin Asker) is around to go down on the ranger (well actually
Boo Boo is sucking on both of them). There must be a lot of sex toys in that basket because Boo Boo is the first one with a toy
up his ass, followed with a different toy for Yogay. Lucky for the ranger, Boo and Yogay take turns eating his ass. At this
point would you not assume the Ranger is getting fucked? Well no, they lay him down and Boo Boo rides him hard and then
the ranger fucks Yogay doggy-style. For the final bear/twink story we have the horny twink (Alex Killborn) and the hungry
bear (Doug Jeffries). Killborn is the hungry twink and does the dick sucking, eats the hungry bear's ass and then sits on the
bear's dick... it's sure good to be the bear. The movie has a very silly plot, but if you like twinks and bears getting together I
say get this movie.

 3.7 Stars!