Twinky and the Bear


Twinky and the Bear
2014 Manville Entertainment

Directed by Austin
Starring: Fabio Stallone, Shay Michaels, Ian Levine, Chase Young, Dustin Gold, Ryan Colton, Brian Davilla, Christian
Mathews, and Dusty Williams

    Four twinks are lost in the woods and go out in different directions to find their way. This is their story. Lucky for the
twinks, five bears are all sleeping in a cabin in the woods... let's see what happens. The first twink, Case Young, is hungry
and finds the cabin and an open window and climbs in. Well bear Fabio Stallone is woken up by the twink and has some
man meat to feed the twink first. After Young is done sucking on Stallone's dick, it's Stallone who is doing some ass eating
before he fucks the young twink in the kitchen. Next twink is Dustin Gold who is sneaking in the garage when he finds a
sleeping bear (Shay Michaels) in assless chaps in a sling. Well Gold is sucking on some bear meet in mere seconds. After dick
sucking and ass eating, it's time for the twink to fuck the bear (I know, shock!). Third twink Ryan Colton finds the cabin when
his phone goes dead, finds sleeping bear Dusty Williams and wakes him and makes it up by letting the bear suck on his twink
dick. Last, but not least, we have sleeping bears Brian Davilla and Christian Mathews who wake up to find out that twink Lan
Levine broke into their cabin and is sleeping in their bed (I don't think they mind). Well all three of the guys are naked and
sucking on each other in record time. I really enjoyed twink Lavine sitting on bear Davilla's dick and then bear Mathews'
dick (it is the best scene in the movie). If you like twinks and bears getting naked check this movie out.
 3.75 Stars!