2014 Helix Studios - 8Teenboy

Directed by Keith Miller
Starring: Bret Wyatt, Christian Collins, Jessie Montgomery, Casey Tanner, Jordan Thomas, Jamie Sanders, Jacob Dixon

    What’s the square root of 49? Who cares with Andy Taylor and his indelible “take it all 8” cock or “let me take it all ass”
complete with Kung-Fu grip in Helix Studios’ latest Helix, Real Cam, Intimate Encounters. Don’t you dare give homework to
costars Liam Riley, Luke Allen or Jacob Dixon and not just because they are busy screwing in full HD quality scenes but because
they failed remedial math and English. The depth and precision of backdoor action in Intimate Encounters harkens back to my
own experiences in the Navy Seals but I digress. If you want schoolwork,  pass on this movie. If you want to learn to love again,
sit back and just be present. This four-scene porno comes in at 124 minutes with some extras. The scenes take place with flip
fucking and safe sex. All of the sex shots are indoor with reasonable quality but not from a professional set. The twinks are front
and center with no hair and also no giant size cocks; very much a feeling of a quality home movie between boyfriends feel.
Side note on this video, there is very little camera man interplay and most of the shots are from a mounted position with few closeups
of action. The actors all hold literal movie cameras and show very blurry distorted shots as they are fucking at the same time, a good
idea gone bad. The final cum shot even has shitty kitty on the tip [laughs] so gross. The fourth scene has an interview beginning
feature, which goes to show you that porn actors are not really meant to be heard outside of fucking. This might be director’s first
go at making a porno or they are cutting back on expenses like cameraman and lighting guys, but your call.

 3.7 Stars!