Trunks 8


Trunks 8
2014 Hot House Entertainment

Directed by Christian Owen
Starring: Jimmy Durano, Mitch Vaughn, Luke Adams, Donnie Dean, Jake Wilder, David Benjamin, Fabio Stallone and
Sean Duran

    Okay readers, are you tired of the Chicago weather and need a break but can't afford a vacation? Well Trunks 8 is for you
because we are going to Palm Springs were men are known to get naked and have sex by the pool! First up we have Jimmy
Durano getting Jake Wilder naked by the pool. It can't be easy having sex in the Palm Springs sun, but these two fucking with
their feet in the water makes sense because it keeps you cool. Now we have Jake Wilder saying to his boyfriend who is on the
phone that he is just going to get some sun by the pool while he is gone. Then friends Donny Dean and Luke Adams come
over and get themselves naked for some pool shallow-end sucking and sex (it gets hot). Well yes, Luke is cheating on his boyfriend
and David Benjamin gets the picture of this and goes and shares the news with Mitch Vaughn. But before they stir the pot, they
get naked and have sex in Vaughn's jacuzzi. A nice pool like we've been seeing needs a hot pool guy, and Sean Duran is it. When
the security camera guy Frabio Stallone comes by to check on the cameras well they are horny and are sucking each other off in
seconds. Good movie with hot sex, but when they have sex in the grass all I can think is doesn't it itch?
 3.85 Stars!