Trenton Ducati     Photos Courtesy of Colt & Hot House Entertainment

Tom Olah: How has Ducati Models been going?
Trenton Ducati: The company has been going great. I am lucky that I have a great business partner who has been
around this industry for so long. Michael Youens, who made it to the Grabby Hall of Fame last year, runs the
company with me and together we have created a beautiful business. A boutique model management company.

T.O: Why did you start your company?
T.D: We started the company because Michael and I wanted to work together so we decided this would be a great
move. The combination of all of his connections with mine is impressive. I also like beautiful boys so why not
make a business where my job is to look for them.

T.O: How do you find your models?
T.D: Top secret (Laughing). Actually, most have come to us.

T.O: Best way for someone to become a Ducati Model?
T.D: Michael has built a beautiful site and that's where models can go to apply. That's
the best way.

T.O: I understand you have been directing lately, have you been enjoying it?
T.D: I love it, there is so much to learn. I love the process, the creative outlet and the overall challenge of the human
puzzle. I have had great teachers this year already, Chi ChI LaRue and Chris Ward along with Anthony Duran and
Nick Fox. I really look forward to this adventure and learning process and hopefully I can make some hot kinky movies.

T.O: What movies can we look forward to seeing with you directing?
T.D: America's Finest, Raging Stallion's big release of the year! I co-directed with Nick Fox. What an amazing
experience to have the best performers in porn in the movie I get to co-direct. So awesome the guys were hot and
proved to be America's Finest. A must see!!!

T.O: Please say this is not the end of you appearing in front of the camera?
T.D: No way!

T.O: I have to ask, either you are the best actor in gay porn or you have chemistry with every scene partner you have
ever appeared with. Which is it?
T.D: I must have chemistry with all of my scene partners (Laughing). Sometimes you have to be creative to find the
connection but that's our job.

T.O: So who do you still want to perform with?
T.D: Andrew Stark, Brent Corrigan and a few others I can’t think of right now...

T.O: Is there still a director you want to work with?
T.D: Joe Gage.

T.O: Who is the one performer you would like to work with again (in front of the camera)?
T.D: Ryan Rose (because our last scene was epic and didn't win anything in Muscle Bound). 

T.O: What movies can we look forward to seeing you in?
T.D: Under My Skin, Addict, California Dreaming, RyderMe, Over Knight, Daddy Chasers, Present Arms, Sucked
Off In Weird Places, Sentenced and Hung 2. I can't really remember the rest. I know I have a lot of moves out at Kinkmen,, a couple for Lucas... I think it's called Harder Faster Rougher and movies for and

T.O: Best way for your fans to keep up with all things Trenton Ducati?
T.D: At  or Twitter and Facebook!

This article ran in the January 13, 2015 Issue of GRAB Magazine.