2017. Raging Stallion
Directed by Chi Chi LaRue and Steve Cruz
Starring Tegan Zayne, Colby Keller, Kurtis Wolfe, Rikk York, Seth Santoro, Ryan Finch, Sean Duran, Jason Vario and
Damian Taylor

   This is how you start a movie: Tegan Zayne has Kurtis Wolfe’s dick up his ass and he is pumping away. After some hot
sex and a 69 scene that will make you think Zayne must be doing Pilates because this guy is flexible, Wolfe proposes to Tegan
who is not sure. He takes a soul-searching trip in the woods to think things out. Zayne finally gets to his destination and, lucky
for him, he finds a bar where gays are welcome and he meets Colby Keller (as always, Keller is the villain). Keller gets Zayne
a drink (he roofies the drink) and after drinking a few sips, Zayne is getting drugged-up. Keller walks him to his car but and
throws the drugged-up Zayne in his car. Back in the bar, the sexy Seth Santoro is getting Ryan Finch naked (where is this
bar?) and after some armpit-licking, dick-sucking and ass-eating, we go back to the woods to Keller’s house, finding out the
Keller has kidnapped Zayne, who is now naked. One week later, the police know Zayne is missing. Officer Sean Duran and
Detective Jason Vario (woof) are in the woods trying to figure what to do. The guys disagree and the only way to figure out
which plan to follow is to see who has the bigger dick. Let’s be honest: We all know that leads to dick-sucking (they take turns)
but when Vario starts munching ass, we can figure out it’s Duran who is getting fucked. When Vario finally cums on Duran’s
back, all you will think is that is a lot of cum! Back at Keller’s house, we find it’s day 13 of Zayne’s kidnapping; the naked Zayne
is horny and what’s a guy to do up? Get your kidnapper naked and suck his dick. We all know dick-sucking leads to ass-eating
and it is no secret when Keller’s dick is up Zayne’s ass. In another part of the woods, we find Damian Taylor, Rikk York and
Seth Santoro camping. It’s quite apparent that they are horny because York’s shorts drop, he is hard and Taylor is on his knees
in seconds sucking dick. After Santoro and Taylor suck on York’s dick, it’s Taylor with York’s dick up his ass. There is more to
this scene but you are going to watch the movie and I do predick it will be nominated at the 2018 Grabbys. The movie has a
surprise ending but I advise to watch to the end because it’s a very hot scene!

  3.9 Stars!