Towel Off


Towel Off
2016. Hot House Video

Directed by Tony DiMarco
Starring: Bravo Delta, Sebastian Kross, Jimmy Durano, Austin Wolf, Bruno Bernal, Gabriel Cross, Jack Hunter and
Josh Conners

    Does a good locker room fantasy turn you on? First is Josh Conners alone in the shower and having a lot of fun soaping
himself up, so much so he goes to his locker to find a sex toy (a generic looking Fleshjack). Luckily, Sebastian Kross comes in
and wants to help out. After some dick sucking on Conners' part, it's Kross putting a dick up Conners' ass. Next Bravo Delta
is showering and happens to have a hard-on when Gabriel Cross comes by and thinks he should have this on film. Well Cross
gets caught and Delta takes it out on Cross's ass. It's Jimmy Durano's turn to be naked and hard in the shower when Jack
Hunter comes by and decides to join him with his hard cock. We all know it's Durano doing the fucking, but all I can say is
it would've been really hot to see Hunter's big hard cock up Durano's ass! Now it's Austin Wolf's shower time when Bruno
Bernal stops by and checks Wolf out. He then starts taking selfies of his ass in his jockstrap, which Wolf enjoys and the boys
are naked and fucking in record time. Good sex by all, I just want to know where to find a gym with this much sex in the
locker room?
3.75 Stars!