Total Exposure 2


Total Exposure 2
2015. Raging Stallion Studios

Directed by: Steve Cruz and Nick Foxx
Starring: Johnny V, Dorian Ferro, Austin Wolf, Jacob Peterson, Andrew Stark, Nick Sterling, Brian Bonds, Jimmy
Durano, Sean Zevran and Ryan Rose

    Welcome to Part 2 of this revealing, honest and ultra-sexy look at the real sex lives and lives of the A-Team exclusives.
First up is Sean Zevran, Jimmy Durano and their really nice penises. After some outdoor humping and bumping, it's time
for Durano to eat some Zevran ass... and ass eating leads to fucking. Well they fuck so hard that the branch Zevran is holding
onto breaks (don't worry it does not derail the guys and they keep on fucking). Now we have Austin Wolf and newcomer
Jacob Peterson out by the pond getting naked. With the hunky 6ft 3in 230lb. Wolfe in a scene, the only thing you want is for
him to be a big 'ol top and baby he brought it. Peterson takes it all with flying colors. Now it's late at night and Johnny V and
Dorian Ferro are out exploring and find an old barn. Ferro and Johnny V do such major ass eating on each other that it might
be back as a category at the 2016 Grabbys. Next Andrew Stark and Nick Sterling are out walking and run into Brian Bonds
who is getting some rays. As the three are without shirts, we know that they'll be getting naked. Bonds and Sterling really seem
to be into Stark and when Bonds and Sterling are licking on Stark's dick at the same time it made me hard. It's not a shock that
Bonds is the first one on his back, with a dick in his ass, it is a shock when they flip and Sterling has Bonds' dick up his ass (is
this a first?). Well Andrew Stark and Ryan Rose have found a bottle of whisky and are going for a walk which leads them to a
barn. Rose likes a tongue, finger and most of all Stark's dick up his ass, and Stark just pounds Rose's ass! But the hot part is they
flip and then flip again! This movie has great sex, but it's unique because you get to know your favorite stars. You will come into
this movie liking the guys, and you will leave feeling like you know and love them. And on a final note, it is great to see Brian
Bonds' dick being put to good use -- he needs to top more often!

 3.95 Stars!