Total Exposure 1


Total Exposure 1
2015. Raging Stallion Studios

Directed by Steve Cruz and Nick Foxx
Starring: Sebastian Kross, Dorian Ferro, Chris Bines, Johnny V, Boomer Banks, David Benjamin, Brian Bonds, Austin
Wolf, Nick Sterling and Jacob Peterson

    Remember Madonna's documentary Truth or Dare? Well RSS is taking us on a cockumentry and showing us what really
happens behind-the-scenes. Porn summer camp has started and the first two campers to get naked are Sebastian Kross and
Dorian Ferro. Ferro is the first one to start sucking dick behind a barn, but Kross is the first one to start eating ass. It's when
Ferro starts bouncing on Kross' dick when you will get hot. The interesting part is after this scene they interview Kross and
Ferro about this scene and talk to some of the other guys about outdoor location shooting. Next Johnny V, Chris Bines and
Sebastian Kross go exploring (and it is porn so you know they are getting naked) and watching Johnny V and Bines munch
on Kross dick is just hot. Johnny V might have the juiciest ass in this group (well Bines and Kross both munched on it), but
when Kross double ass eats Bines and Johnny V you will be looking for a way to try this trick out. I really liked watching Bines
and Kross taking turns fucking Johnny V and you are going to love them cumming all over Johnny V. This is porn camp and
at times campers can get a crush on another camper -- the problem at porn camp is you can't have sex with other campers unless
they are filming it. Director Steve Cruz busts David Benjamin and Dorian Ferro making out and eventually they talk Cruz into
filming them getting naked. Now we all know that Austin Wolf is a 6'4'' 230lb. beast of a man, and when he holds Brian Bonds
upside down while he eats his ass and Bonds sucks on Wolf's dick it is just amazing! Next up is Boomer Banks and David Benjamin
and Benjamin thinks Boomer's dick is awesome. In the back of a truck Boomer is fucking Benjamin and you will believe Benjamin
in saying how big Boomer's dick is. What you will learn during this movie is Sean Zevran is a size queen if he is getting fucked, if
you want to turn Boomer on tell him 'no,' and Johnny V likes a hairy hole. I highly recommend this movie! To learn more,
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 3.95 Stars!