Tommy Defendi

Tom Olah: How did you first get into porn?
Tommy Defendi: I first got into porn while living in Florida with my cousin. I was 18 and quit
a serving job the first day after training. After I was told I needed to shave my face because my
stubble was too long. Go figure. I would soon be making a career where my beard has become a
trademark to my appearance.

T.O: What was your first day on the set like?
T.D: My first day on set was hectic to say the least. Not only was I nervous and inexperienced,
it was my first full-on sexual encounter with a guy. So there was that. Then the cameras and the
fact my scene partner was uncut and more hung than I am, which was unseen and foreign to me.

T.O: Was the first person you had sex with a boy or a girl?
T.D: As you know now from my answer to the previous question, it was a girl. I had only jerked
off with a guy before I started my career in gay porn.

T.O: Who was the first person you had sex with when a camera was involved?
T.D: The first studio I shot a scene for was collegedudes and my scene partner’s name
was Seth Lyons. He was a good first-scene partner because he was very patient and understanding
of my situation.
T.O: How old were you when you realized that you had a really nice penis?
T.D:  I would say I was about 11 or 12. I realized it because I was beginning to watch porn at this
point, and had seen my best friend naked and knew that there was a dramatic difference. It wasn’t
until several years later that I learned how to use that very nice penis, professionally and personally.

T.O: Do you have a porn star you still want to work with?
T.D: There are a couple of performers out there I would like to work with before my career ends,
one of them being Ryan Rose (a true friend in the industry) and possibly some others that shall
remain unnamed until it’s happening.

T.O: I recently watched you in Dirty Rascals. How did you get this lucky role?
T.D: The order of these questions is incredibly ironic and very funny. I obtained the role in Dirty
Rascals by sheer coincidence. Ryan Rose recommended me for the role and I had just finished moving
to South Dakota. So in less than 36 hours, I was ticketed, packed and shipped off to Prague.

T.O: This movie was filmed in Prague. Did you guys have a chance to explore?
T.D: Although the movie was shot in Prague, it was primarily a film about 45 minutes outside of the
city in a town called Kunta Hora. We shot the movie in a Château on a large piece of property covered
with gardens and old antique statues and barns.

T.O: This movie is also a Nakedsword/Bel Ami production. What are the Bel Ami guys like?
T.D: The Bel Ami guys are incredible. Not only were they very welcoming, they were exceptionally
hospitable to the models and the crew. But they are truly professional and extremely good at what they
do, not to mention every single guy is a 10. And they were very accepting and cool about Connor and
my far-from-accurate accent impersonation.

T.O: Dirty Rascals is directed by mr. Pam, one of the top directors in gay porn. What is it like having
a woman direct you in gay porn?
T.D: Having mr. Pam as a director is quite incredible. She is a very inspiring artist, a joy to be around
and last but not least, a dirty little rascal stuck in a woman’s body. Her energy and smile made every
day easier on site as it tended to be long days after a lot of traveling and separation from all of civilization
until the end of our trip. I don’t know if we would’ve been able to make it through those 10 days without

T.O: What else can we look forward to see you in this year?
T.D: I am doing promo work and working on starting my own fashion line. I also released my dildo in
mid-March and that can be found on Fort Troff’s website and a link to it on my Twitter @TommyDefendi.

T.O: What is the best way for your fans to keep up with all things Tommy Defendi?
T.D: My best point of contact is on Twitter, @TommyDefendi

This article ran in the April 21, 2015 Issue of GRAB Magazine.