2013 Raging Stallion Studios

Directed by Steve Cruz
Starring:  Shawn Wolfe, Jimmy Fanz, Adam Ramzi, Tommy Defendi, Boomer Banks, James Jamesson, Marcus Isaacs and
Aleks Buldocker
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

    Ok I know that beards are very in this year, but I personally just don't get it but it's a Steve Cruz directed movie so I will watch it.
After Marcus Isaacs and Boomer Banks are playing pool, they head home to the outdoor Jacuzzi and are naked in seconds. When
you see Isaacs go down on Banks' dick, you will be very happy to see how big and uncut it is! Well I guess Isaacs likes a challenge
because he likes sitting on Banks' big dick. New porn star Adam Ramzi is out hiking and runs into Tommy Defendi (lucky Ramzi
gets to lose his porn virginity to Defendi). Defendi tells Ramzi that the woods are not safe and asks him back to his house (wink wink).
Well the sexy Defendi wants to change his clothes and of course he aint wearing no underwear and Ramzi likes it and gets naked also.
Now I can say Ramzi really likes Defendi's Grabby award winning dick. When Defendi starts eating Ramzi's ass, you know that
Defendi is going to be pumping that ass...no Ramzi is riding that big cock. Back at the local gay bar (they have gay flags up) Shawn
Wolfe is horny and Aleks Buldocker is the one who will be fucking Wolfe (no pounding). Now this movie has a plot and James Jamesson
(big beard) is the crazy one who is in the woods, but poor Jimmy Fanz is getting chased by him...oh oh Fanz runs into a tree and gets
knocked out. Jamesson takes him back to his nice house because we find out that Fanz was eating some brownies (wink wink) and
they both are naked in no time. When Jamesson starts eating Franz's ass with his big old beard, all I could think was I bet it feels good,
but Franz seemed to like the dick up his ass more. Plot twist: Franz finds a broken window so is it really Jamesson's house? We don't
know...it just ends and I want Timberwolves 2 please ! FYI there are three bonus scenes.

 3.9 Stars!