Tight Little Holes


Tight Little Holes
2015. Helix Studios

Starring: Evan Parker, Stefan Nash, Liam Riley, Lukas Grande, Dustin Gold, Jack Rayder, Max Carter, Tyler Hill
Reviewed by Jameson Winthrop

     “Tight Little Holes,” with Liam Riley as the bottom extraordinaire, is the newest out of Helix Studios lineup and is a six-
scene DVD clocking in at 117 minutes. But who am I kidding? Liam Riley is a super-hot twink, as long as his purse doesn’t
fall out when it talks. After some light talk in an interview about his cheerleading in high school, we are redirected to him
taking cock after cock where his voice doesn’t shine. This is mainstream twink porn from my favorite studio so I’ll let you
know right now there are no circus dicks here or crazy shots, just one-in-one scenes with hot, young things. Now it is true
Evan Parker is in this and is easily the hottest star right now in the gay porn scene. He is always topping but maybe if I keep
praying every night after I brush my teeth, there will be a scene with him taking another twink’s cock or better yet, mine.
All the guys in this video are fully shaved from nose to ass and the HD is superb. There is no corny music in any of the scenes.
Only a minority of the actors are kinda trashy. I recommend this with a 3.5 star rating, as I want to see some less polite fucking
and more Bill Cosby-style fucking. If they are supposed to be young and horny, why not show that side? Additional
recommendation: A clown somewhere in the background like a really creepy one with a dirty outfit. Also, I know I’m taking it
old school here but how about some tears and regret? I mean this is still the last “gay is wrong” area in America, right? Maybe
 in the bonus features, like a couple of the actors crying at a bus stop mumbling like, “Why did I do that?”
The majority of the Helix crew was at the Grabby’s Gay Porn Awards in Chicago this year and these bitches were just as hot in
person. Check it out and see for yourself. Oh and FYI check out the bonus it is super fun.

 3.75 Stars!