Three Wishes


Three Wishes
2018. Raging Stallion Studios
Directed by Steve Cruz
Starring: Tegan Zayne, Beaux Banks, Seth Santoro, Djinn, Jason Vario, Dolf Dietrich, Woody Fox,
Teddy Torres and Riley Mitchell

   If you had three wishes, what would you wish for? Tegan Zayne and Beaux Banks are desperate, homeless and ready to
try anything. Tegan calls on Seth Santoro to help with the magic spell (this movie has a plot, guys) to make his wishes come
true. After giving Tegan a special potion, Santoro slides his dick (I forgot topping was an option with Santoro) into Tegan’s
furry ass to help complete the ritual... really? The sex ritual summons a Djinn (Jason Vario) who finds a worn out Tegan
wandering the desert; Vario takes him home and to thank him, Tegan sucks him off. Vario offers to help Tegan and Banks
for the price of Tegan’s monogamy, but Banks soon learns he is being sold to the slimy talent agent Dolf Dietrich (bad Dolf).
Well, in a blink, Banks is naked and handcuffed in a sling with Dolf’s tongue up his ass followed by his thick big dick, followed
by Banks sucking on Dolf’s cock (my jaw hurts watching) and then Dolf fucks Banks again and all I could think was, how
many days until Banks could walk normal again? Back at monogamy land with Tegan, he is bored; whats a boy to do? Go
to a sex club and get busy with a naked and hard Woody Fox. Tegan is hard and gets naked and joins Fox. Fox and Tegan
go further in the club to fuck when they are joined by Teddy Torres and Riley Mitchell and all three guys have their way with
Tegan. Back at Vario’s house, we find him naked with a naked Seth Santoro and simply put, Santoro needs to be fucked!
Tegan comes home and finds him but Vario knows what Tegan was up to and there are consequences to every action.

  3.9 Stars!