The Woods: Part One


The Woods: Part One
2012 Raging Stallion Studios

Directed by Tony DiMarco
Starring:  Trenton Ducati, Dale Cooper, Tomas Brand, Parker Wright, Zeb Atlas, Tom Wolfe, Chris Tyler, Jimmy Fanz,
Alex Graham, Cal Skye.
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

Raging Stallion has taken the boys camping. They get naked, fuck and no deodorant was used for the making of this movie...just
the scent of fresh man. First up are Dale Cooper and Parker Wright and they suck, fuck and flip by the light of their fire (and
they keep their boots on). Did I tell you they flipped again before they cum? When Cooper wakes up in the morning, he is naked
outside laying in the dirt and Wright is missing! Yes, this movie has a plot, and I like it! Have you ever seen those outdoor showers
that only seem to appear in porn movies? Well Jimmy Fanz has found one and is soaping up when manly-man Zeb Atlas joins him.
Altas gives a pounding that made my ass hurt. Some of the mystery is that people are having sex with each other and they don't
remember, and when Atlas wakes up in his tent naked with a naked Fanz it's a real "What the fuck?" moment. Two park rangers
in uniform are now parked in the woods and one falls asleep (Wolfe) while the other (Skye) wakes him up by going down on him
(I need to go camping). So the mystery is that aliens are here and head ranger Trenton Ducati is worried. After he goes to bed the
alien music starts and Ducati is floating. The fun really starts when the naked and erect Tomas Brand joins Ducati, and let me say
we can all hope to have a Brand take so much pleasure in our dick. The movie ends with Brand fucking Ducati silly, cuming on his
chest and we are teased with a "To be continued!" All I can say is thank god it was such a hot and sexy movie because I recommend
it and can't wait to watch part two.
 3.95 Stars!