The Ultimate Top


The Ultimate Top
2012 Jet Set Men

Directed by Chris Steele
Starring: Kris Jamison, Jason Baldwin, Nick Ryder, Logan Vaughn, Gavin Waters, Charlie Roberts, Derek Van-Damme,
Mike Demarko and Brody Wilde.
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

      Have you ever seen the FX show "The Ultimate Fighter-LIVE?" Well Jet Set Men had them go gay and get naked! Director
Steele will be looking for the ultimate top, and the coach for the blue team is Nick Ryder and for team red it's Jason Baldwin.
Both have won the title in past seasons and think they have what it takes to coach their team to the title of ultimate top. With
both teams training at the same gym, and men being men and an ego or two in the way, can we guess that a fight would break
out? Well the first two to fight it out in the ring will be Mike Demarko and Brody Wilde and the fight begins with Demarko the
victor (which means Demarko gets to fuck Brody and we get to watch)! You are going to like the way Demarko's thick cock looks
going up Wilde's beefy ass. Next fighters are Logan Vaughn for the red team and Derek Van-Damme for the blue. Once again it's
team blue and Van-Damme gets to fuck Vaughn with those manly thighs. The next match is the one I have been waiting for -- Gavin
Waters and Kris Jamison (Jet Set's new exclusive). Jamison won for team blue and will be doing the fucking. Jamison has a big dick
and it looks great up Waters' ass, and the amount of cum you will see all over Waters' chest will make you very happy. Let's just say
these men know how to work a ring. The red team finally wins a round for the final match, but let's just say they cheated and Coach
Baldwin had to get in the action for a hot three way (watch the movie). Now this is a movie that I truly enjoyed that could only have
been made better if Coach Ryder and been doing some fucking. But his solo scene was nice.
 3.9 Stars!