The Trainer


The Trainer
2016. Hot House Video

Directed by Nick Foxx
Starring: Johnny V, Sebastian Kross, Sean Zevran, Jimmy Durano, Jacob Tailor, Jonah Fontana, Landon Mycles and
Rex Cameron

Let's be honest, most trainer's are hot and who wouldn't like to get naked with one. I'm sorry the hot and sexy Rex Cameron
does not need a trainer, but I will watch Sebastian Kross work him out. Now the first 69 they try is very hot with a high degree
of difficulty (don't try it at home but you must to watch it). I will say Sebastian Kross is one of the best ass eaters out there and
Cameron really likes his work. Watching them fuck on an exercise ball will give you ideas and send you to the store to get one
of your own! Now we have Landon Mycles (where have you been?) getting stretched out by Jimmy Durano because it's a leg
day. As I watched them stretch out all I thought was how I never knew stretching led to fucking because if I did I would do it
more often. Jonah Fontana has had a rough workout and his trainer Sebastian Kross is a good guy (LOL) and is going to he!p
him stretch out (his butt hole). Time for Fontana's massage where he has to get naked and get under the sheets (why waste the
time... we know what's going to happen). Kross plays good guy for a while but all bets are off when he starts rubbing on Fontana's
ass. The smart guy Kross is he gets naked so the baby oil doesn't get on his clothes. Back in the gym Johnny V and Sean Zevran
are being trained by Jacob Taylor (woof) so when Johnny V sprays water on his chest it must be code for time to play with each
other's bodies. We start with Johnny V on his knees sucking on the guy's dicks, then Zevran and Taylor take turns eating on
Johnny's butt (so that means Johnny's getting fucked!). Taylor is the first to tap Johnny's ass, but don't worry, Zevran gets a
chance to pound on that muscle ass also. There are a lot of tricks in this movie that I would not recommend trying at home, but
I do recommended that you watch them.

 3.9 Stars!