The Tourist


The Tourist
2014 Raging Stallion Studios

Directed by Steve Cruz
Starring: Rogan Richard, Abraham Al Malek, Dario Beck, Bruno Roni, Donato Reyes, Alessio Veneziamo and Paco

    Raging Stallion is taking us on a fabulous tip to Madrid, Spain and director Steve Cruz is our tour guide. Rogan Richards
is lost in Madrid and is seduced by bad-boy Abraham Al Malek. Well they go back to Malek's apartment and start kissing,
sucking and licking until bad-boy Malek is having his ass majorly eaten by Richards. After Richards bangs Malek's ass, Malek
drugs Richards and gags and ties him up (yes readers this movie has a plot, not just a theme!). Maleck is a pimp and two of his
hustlers, Dario Beck and Donato Reyes, pick up Alessio Veneziano and bring him back to the pimp's apartment (remember
Richards is still restrained in the attic). The part of this three-way that I liked is when Beck and Reyes take turns eating Veneziano's
ass (talk about getting your moneys worth from your tricks). After the three of them are done fucking and sucking, Paco comes
over to have some fun with Malek. But they are interrupted by Richards' cries for help in the attic. Well Paco is sent upstairs to
calm him down, but a connection is made by Paco and Richards and Paco frees him and they get naked and Paco is rewarded by
getting majorly fucked by Richards and a big load on his face. Back downstairs pimp Malek has hustler Bruno Boni come over
and give him his cut . Well you guessed it, Malek after eating big time ass on Paco fucks the hell out of him. Now it gets good because
Richards is free and wants revenge on Malek for gagging and restraining him. Richards cannot just leave and starts strangling Malek
while Paco puts a pillow over his face. This is a very good movie if you like seeing manly men have sex with a plot and not a theme for
your gay porn!
 3.95 Stars!