The Sub


The Sub
2013 Hot House Entertainment

Directed by Christian Owen Starring: Angel Rock, Logan Vaughn, Angelo, Rick Van Sant, Trenton Ducati, J.R. Bronson,
Rod Daily, Jimmy Durano, Phillip Aubrey, and Alexander Garrett
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

      Last year HHE brought us The Dom and this year we have The Sub! Let's start with the tall and sexy Alexander Garrett
laying on his back stroking his cock (this is how you start a movie!). In comes the always hard Jimmy Durano and he is in
charge. Durano starts by sucking on Garrett's large cock, then to the balls and settling in on some ass munching. We all know
that ass munching leads to fucking, and Durano enjoys fucking Garrett. I never thought I wanted to see Rick Van Sant with a
ball gag, and it gets better as he struggles with the restraints while shackled in a cage (I like it). Now the fun starts when he is
forced to stand spread eagle over a rim seat with a big (BIG) dildo secured and has to take it up his ass. Angelo comes in and sees
that Sant likes it. Angelo has a big dick (9 inches) and I like it when he forces it down Sant's throat. Ready for a three way? Well
J.R. Bronson is and while riding a dildo with his ball gag in comes Trenton Ducati who takes the ball gag out and sticks his dick
down Bronson's throat. The fun starts when Rod Daily comes in and sticks his dick down Ducati's throat. And the fun really starts
when Bronson has Daily's dick up his ass and Daily has Ducati's dick up his (this is VERY hot). This is a movie for the man who
like a little restaint.
 3.95 Stars!