The Spanish Connexxxion


The Spanish Connexxxion
2016. Lucas Kazan
Directed by Ettore Tosi
Starring: Hector DeSilva, Dario Beck, Robbie Rojo, Ettore Tossi, Brute Club, Sergyo

Luzas Kazan produces the most amazing books that are like pieces of art, they just happen to have hot naked men in them.
This movie starts with a man looking at one of these books and a fantasy in the form of Hector DeSilva and Dario Beck. Thank
goodness they don't waste time with clothes because DeSiva gets down to suck some really nice meat. We all know that dick
sucking leads to butt munching, which leads to fucking. But when the scene ends, I was surprised that the guy who was looking
at the book wasn't wacking off. Next we meet our director ,Ettore Tosi and he is interviewing Robbie Rojo. After the guys lose
some clothes, we learn Tosi has a nice cock and Rojo has a juicy ass that Tosi likes to fuck. If you are going to have a fantasy
life (like Sergyo does), dream big. In Sergyo's fantasy, Brute Club does some major dick sucking and then Seryo gets to fuck

 3.75 Stars!