The Slutty Professor


The Slutty Professor
2018. NakedSword Originals
Directed by Chi Chi LaRue and mr.Pam
Starring: Ace Era, Justin Brody, Bruce Beckham, Dave Slick, Tyler Roberts, Danny Montero and JJ Knight

   When we first meet nerdy Professor Kelp (Ace Era), he is at the end of his rope. His students dislike him, jocks torment
him and a rival professor of his is making a play for his crush. If something doesn’t change fast, he will lose his job. What
is a science geek to do but go into his lab and make a secret concoction that turns him in to a hot stud? Era has the hots for
his student Justin Brody but another professor, Bruce Beckham, makes a play for Brody when Era has to leave the class
room… okay, Beckham puts his tongue down Brody’s throat, gets him naked and starts sucking his dick. Brody must like
it because he starts munching on Beckham’s tan ass; it’s no shock when Brody starts fucking Beckham. When Era finally
goes back in the classroom, he finds Brody and Beckham naked in after-sex glow. Now that is the straw the broke the
camel’s back. Era goes back to his laboratory and starts creating his magic potion and once he drinks it, he becomes a buff
hunk. The newly buff Era goes to a bar and all the boys want him. Era has a hair up his butt and wants Dave Slick and
Tyler Roberts to perform for him and he likes it. Once Era whips his dick out, it’s open season because Slick wants to suck
on it and Roberts gets his out so Era and Slick can suck it. When Roberts is lying on a couch, it’s Era sucking on Roberts’
toes. Era gets fucked by Roberts first, but then its Slick’s turn to get Era’s dick up his ass. Back in the classroom, hunky
Era seems to be giving his students chubbies. When the students leave, all that is left is Justin Brody.; Era makes sure that
Brody knows that he has the hots for him. After the guys get naked and suck and lick each other, it’s no shock when the
man with “fuck me” tattooed on his ass is getting fucked by Brody. This is a funny, sexy and sassy movie. The fact that
Justin Brody gets to fuck both Bruce Beckham and Ace Era – all I think is that Brody is one lucky man.

 3.95 Stars!