The Silence Of The Cams Part 1


The Silence of The Cams Pt.1

Directed by Dominic Ford
Starring:  Trenton Ducati, Topher DiMaggio, Lance Luciano, Angel Rock, Bryce Evans, Tate Ryder, Jake Genisis and
Casey More
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

       Jake Genisis has started a web cam and his boyfriend, Bryce Evans, does not like it and wants it to stop. He does get
Genisis naked first to close the deal. Well Genisis' boyfriend leaves the room after Genisis fucks him silly and Genisis gets a
web cam call with an offer of $500 for a private chat. Let's just say it does not end well and we now have a "cam killer".
Well Evans needs comfort and Topher DiMaggio is going to give it, and he gives it to him something fierce. So Trenton Ducati
is the detective (Clarice) and Tate Ryder is Hannibal. Ryder wants to hear about his first boyfriend and for Ducati that is
Lance Luciano and Ducati fucks him everywhere. Now Ryder wants to talk about his boyfriend and that is Topher Dimaggio.
I never thought I would say this, but stair sex is hot. Plus Ryder's ass seems to be saying I want more DiMaggio and the amount
of cum from DiMaggio is amazing! They are trying to find the Web Cam Killer and Angel Rock and Lance Luciano put on a
web cam show to find him. Remember Part One is in the title so we will end without finding out who the Web Cam Killer is.
 3.9 Stars!