The Secret Gift


The Secret Gift
2014 Kristen Bjorn
Directed by Strongboli
Starring: Wagner Vittoria, Diego Lauzen, Sergio Moreno, Valentino Medici, Mattias Solich, Milos Zambo and Donato Reys

    This is a movie with a plot and I like it! Valentino is a writer who has had a two year writers block and his boyfriend Sergio
is here to help out. Boyfriend Sergio rents a mansion to inspire him (I want Sergio to be my boyfriend) and these hot and sexy
men are naked and hard in no time with boyfriend Sergio spreading those ass cheeks to inspire! Well Valentino is inspired and
the next day he starts writing a story about Donato who lived with his lover in an amazing home. His lover died a year ago and
in one day he has plumbing and lock issues so a plumber and locksmith need to be called. Well the plumber needs to check on
his good work and is naked and hard in the shower when Donato finds him... the plumber is not alone for long. Donato is now
taking turns fucking both the plumber and the locksmith in a hot three-way. As they say paybacks are a bitch, and now it's the
plumber and locksmith's turn to fuck Donato and you are going to like it.
 3.85 Stars!